Cosmo Word Record In Sochi

July 19, 2008 was a glorious day for Sochi and Russia. A new Guinness world record was registered at the Riviera central beach in Sochi. The action was supported by the cultural department of the city council. The bikini boom in Sochi was a success: 1923 girls wearing colorful bikinis laid on the sand to spell the word "" with their bodies. A new world record!

In 2007, a similar bikini boom happened in Australia: 1010 girls - including Cosmo readers and professional models - set the previous record. Bondie Beach in Sydney was full of beauties designing the word Cosmo with their bodies.

Cosmopolitan, the most popular women-s magazine in Russia, organized this event.

'We were absolutely sure that the readers of Russian Cosmo will take part and set the new record. Now the world has seen that Russian women are beautiful, happy, active and ready to conquer new horizons and men's hearts. Bikini Boom in Sochi was a real girl power demonstration and the first victory in the Olympic capital. And it-s not the limit, we have a new goal to beat our own record and gather 2014 girls. We are sure we can make it, there are more and more Cosmo girls in Russia every year!' says Elena Vasilieva, chief editor of the magazine.

The place for the bikini boom was chosen not chosen accidentally - Sochi is not just an ordinary city, it's an Olimpic capital, the best place for a new record. It really was the brightest event of the summer. Russian girls are without a doubt the most beautiful in the world. And now the world knows that.

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