Harper's Bazaar Was Awarded With World Fashion Friends

Harper's Bazaar has received a World Fashion Friends-2008 award. The award ceremony established by World Fashion Channel took place on May 28 at the restaurant Royal Bar, located at Beach Club on the shore of the Khimkinskoye basin.

Harper's Bazaar was acknowledged as a powerful and legendary publication known for its impeccable style and taste. The prize was a statue made of glass.

The party gathered many celebrities and laureates such as Hollywood star Dolph Lundgren, ballet dancer Andris Liepa, Maria Kravtsova, Nikas Safronov, Yulia Delakyan, Daria Subbotina, Marika, Akeskey Goman, Yegor Posenko, Vyacheslav Volkov, singers Slava and Katya Lely, bands Blestyashiye, Premier Ministr and others.

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