Independent Media Is Increasing Online Sales

Independent Media Sanoma Magazines has created a new advertising department called Business Online IM.

This division will be selling advertising space at all online business resources:, and Marina Matitsyna will head the department. She has been successfully selling ad space in and The main target of the new department and Marina's team is to use in the most efficient way the potential of the company's internet resources and upgrade relations with advertisers.

Alexander Gukasov, commercial director of Independent Media Sanoma Magazines, says: "We want to strengthen our online position. That is the reason for the latest changes in advertising. The work with interesting internet projects will continue as part of the Business Online IM routine".

Marina Matitsyna, the head of the new department says: "United commercial service concentrated advertising capabilities of online projects, and this process is natural for the fast growing internet market".

Marina Matitsyna graduated from Ryazany State Pedagogical University (legal department). She has been involved in advertising sales for more than 7 years. Since 2000, she has worked as advertisement sales manager in (as well as doing ad sales for the print version). In January 2007, the scope of advertisements in Vedomosti and increased, and Marina began concentrating on online sales. In December 2007, Marina Matitsyna was appointed the head of the Business Online IM department.

The Independent Media publishing house was established in 1992, with the launch of The Moscow Times, Russia's first English-language daily newspaper. The main direction of Media - glossy editions - was formed in 1994, with the launch of Russian Cosmopolitan, the first glossy magazine in the country. In 2005, Dutch shareholders of Independent Media announced a merger with Sanoma Magazines. Sanoma Magazines issues more than 250 magazines in 10 European countries, and the personnel of the company numbers approximately 500 people. Today Independent Media Sanoma Magazines is the leader in the editorial business in Russia. is an interactive resource of office employees: specialists and managers of any rank. has combined news, business reference books, private investments information, career growth services and a unique entertainment segment called Office Life. The project is included in the "business portfolio" of Independent Media Sanoma Magazines editions. is the website of the business newspaper Vedomosti. The project is one of the most high tech websites in the Russian segment of the internet. was launched together with the newspaper in 1999. The site becomes more and more popular as the newspaper strengthens its position as one of the leading business editions in Russia. In the fourth quarter of 2007, the audience of the website has reached the mark of 497,200 people only in Moscow, which is 7% of Moscow's population aged 12 - 54. is the website of analytical and business weekly SmartMoney. The project was launched in 2006 together with the magazine's Russian edition. The audience of the website as for the fourth quarter of 2007 made up 211,800 people a month, which is 3% of Moscow's population aged 12 - 54.
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