Independent Media Sanoma Magazines acquires is a leading online portal in the fast growing Russian women's segment. The portal is ranked amongst the five most popular websites for women in Russia.

According to the Public Opinion foundation, the Russian female online audience expands 20 percent faster than the male audience. Over the coming years Independent Media Sanoma Magazines (IMSM) plans to take a dominant position in this promising segment. To realize this objective IMSM has chosen a development strategy based on its portal and the acquisition of core assets. Over the past year, has become the most popular portal amongst women's websites. According to TNS Web Index the monthly audience of the portal has grown from 342,000 to 1,032,000 unique visitors per year. The acquisition of, one of the oldest and the most successful mass-audience websites targeted at women, logically extends the publishing house's line of internet resources. will be completely integrated into Independent Media's online business group. All employees will move to Independent Media as well. The portal-s founder Arkady Akulov will be managing the development of the online portal for a year. "Cooperation with IMSM is an honor for me", he said. "I'm happy that will strengthen the online position of Independent Media. The portal is sure to thrive as a member of its new family".

"Our company is aiming to gain the lead in the online women's segment in Russia. Acquisition of, one of the strongest players in the market, is a well-timed step we made in this segment", said Elena Myasnikova, General Manager of Independent Media Sanoma Magazines.

About Inpependent Media Sanoma Magazines Russia:

Independent Media Sanoma Magazines Russia is part of Sanoma Magazines International.

Sanoma Magazines International, located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, is a business of Sanoma Magazines. Sanoma Magazines is one of the largest consumer magazine publishers in Europe. The company publishes more than 300 magazines in thirteen different countries. Sanoma Magazines International is responsible for Sanoma Magazines- activities in Central, Eastern and South East Europe. Apart from developing its strong portfolio of magazine brands for various reader communities, Sanoma Magazines is expanding its business to other media platforms, with a clear focus on interactivity. Sanoma Magazines is a division of SanomaWSOY, the leading media group in the Nordic region with operations in versatile fields of media in over twenty European countries.
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