Cosmopolitan in Rostov-on-Don

The regional appendix "Cosmopolitan. Rostov-on-Don" was launched in October by Independent Media Sanoma Magazines. Local content and advertisement placement is done by RIA-Tsentr. It is the first Imedia project where the full transfer of exclusive advertisement placement rights to a regional partner.

"Our readers often ask us for local articles and news," says Yulia Ritchik, co-editor of Cosmopolitan and the regional editor of the magazine. "We are going to publish monthly reviews about regional trends, news and events in "Cosmopolitan. Rostov-on-Don". We have already issued similar appendices in St. Petersburg, Siberia and Urals. But the content and the advertisements of these appendices is controlled by Cosmopolitan itself. The Rostov edition is the first one that is totally in the hands of the regional partner."

Olga Chepurnaya was appointed the chief editor of Cosmopolitan Rostov. She will head production and issue planning. Then the contents will go to Moscow, to Cosmopolitan's design department, where the issue will be built and sent for further printing. The federal and the regional edition will go to Rostov together. Both are priced as usual.

The circulation of Cosmopolitan Rostov is 28 000 copies. The first issue was published on October16, and it was made up of 68 pages.

"Our plans are to have 100 pages by the beginning of 2008 and 150 pages by the summer of 2008", says Andrey Ryvin, CEO of RIA-Tsentr.

The official presentation of Cosmopolitan Rostov took place on October 19, at Fashion. The host was Olga Shelest, a popular actress and TV presenter. The party was as Cosmo as possible: pink sparkling wine, surprises and endless gifts for everyone. All the girls present participated in the shooting of the Cosmopolitan Rostov cover and tasted Carry Bradshaw's favourite cocktail, the Cosmopolitan. The general sponsor of the event, Alfa Bank, prepared special presents. Strategic partnership development leader Alexander Erlykin handed AlfaBank-Cosmopolitan-Visa cards to the three winners of the lottery.

A concert of Konstantin Legostaev from Alla Pugacheva's Fabrika rounded out the night.

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