Harper’s Bazaar: Personal Style Secrets

Personal style is the theme of the November issue of Harper’s Bazaar. The magazine tells readers how to create an individual, unique style.

Also in the November issue:

  • Furry and Fluffy Fashion: 10 ideas for how to choose and wear fur this season. Evening shoes with fur pompoms, fur clutches.
  • Wearing colorful accessories and revolver heels.
  • The coat as the main autumn wardrobe item.
  • Decorative ornaments for accenting splendid attire, and other jewelry hits.
  • Beauty: A perfume primer – everything you need to know about perfume and perfumers.
  • The first-ever black cream.
  • The top seven hand-care treatments.
  • Relax-Moscow – the best oases of calm in the capital.
  • Stars in this issue: Liv Tyler on the benefits of shopping therapy, the beauty of things and kisses on the lips; Kirsten Dunst becomes an adult; Dita Von Teese and six black dresses; Stephanie Seymour and other it-girls – examples of an original approach to style.
  • Tara Banks in the White House Oval Office.
  • Journal: The best events of November, including the season’s theatrical premiers.
  • Interior: Juicy Couture founder’s Beverly Hills home.
  • Society Column: Natalya Vodyanova, Darya Zhukova and others on the opening of Moscow’s Gagosian Gallery.
  • Supplement – Harper’s Bazaar Kids: fashionable outfits, the best schools and lyceums, advice from Harper’s Bazaar on creating a personal style, and the importance of starting from childhood.
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