Together with Popular Mechanics at the Polytechnic Museum

In September, Popular Mechanics started its new “Guidebook” column, in which readers can find articles about the most interesting museum exhibits in Russia, and launched the project “Together with Popular Mechanics” that gives readers the opportunity to view “living” illustrations to the articles.

PM readers have already visited a few museums: In September they saw the History of Railway Technology Museum, in October the “Lights of Moscow” Museum and in November, the Engineering Museum of Vadim Zadrozhny.

The Polytechnic Museum became a PM partner, and will exhibit its unique collection of printing machines in December. The collection regularly adds new items to its exhibition. Viewing these inventions - many that were created more than 100 years ago - it is impossible not to reflect upon what a deep and ingenious mark the age of printing presses left on both the history of mechanics as well as the history of culture.

Popular Mechanics invites its readers to become acquainted with the history of the invention and improvement of printing machines, and to admire antique examples such as the unique Toshiba 1400 FL made in 1954 for printing hieroglyphic texts, or the first modern typewriter by Daugherty created in the 1890s.

The first excursion will be held on Saturday December 6. You can learn more about the project and sign up for the excursion on the website Hurry, the number of places is limited!

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