Cosmopolitan at Avon Charity Walk

Avon’s annual charity walk “Together against Breast Cancer” was held on May 30. The event kicked off in Moscow’s city center, on the Vasilyevsky Slope, and ended with a “Rock against Cancer” concert at the Rossia Central State Concert Hall in the Luzhniki Olympic Complex. Rock concert performers included such groups as ChaiF, Moral Code, Dance Minus, Night Snipers and others.

For the first time in the history of the charity walk – staged annually by Avon in 50 countries around the world – participation was free this year. Everyone who wanted could take part in the charitable movement, the main goal of which is to draw attention to the fight against breast cancer. Under the aegis of the trademark red ribbon, approximately 5,000 people joined together for the event in Moscow this year, including celebrities and representatives from the authorities and the business community.

Cosmopolitan magazine supported the event and served as informational sponsor. The Cosmo team of readers and editorial staff also took part in the walk. Natalya Sherstyuk, director of the Cosmopolitan beauty department and the editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan Beauty magazine – an expert on beauty and healthy lifestyles – spoke to the audience of thousands at the walk and called on all women to take care of their health.

As a gift to the audience, Cosmopolitan organized a spectacular dance performance by the Capoeira Federation of Russia.

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