Change to Independent Media Board of Directors

Yekaterina Kabakchi has become the newest member of the board of directors of Independent Media Sanoma Magazines. In her new role, Kabakchi will be responsible for lifestyle/Internet projects. In addition, she will continue supervising the Cosmopolitan group of magazines as well as Mamas&Papas magazine.

Kabakchi is a graduate of Moscow State Linguistics University (formerly the Morisa Toreza Institute of Foreign Languages). She started her career with Independent Media in 1999 as the marketing manager for Cosmopolitan magazine. Kabakchi became the publisher of regional inserts for Cosmopolitan in 2002. In 2004 she became the publisher of the magazine itself, and in 2006, of all magazines issued under the Cosmo brand.

In June 2008 Kabakchi was named the general director of Fashion Press, part of IMSM, and she became cluster director for the publishing house in January 2009.

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