Domashny Ochag Institute Opens its Doors

The Domashny Ochag Institute opened in March, at the very start of spring and on the eve of the magazine’s 15th anniversary.

The institute is designed to help enthusiastic women increase their skills in the culinary arts and handicrafts, and for those who want to know more about psychology – to provide opportunities for learning from and interacting with highly qualified psychologists. Mothers will be offered useful lessons along with their children, sociable and curious women will have a chance to meet interesting people, TV anchors and show business celebrities, and there will be numerous beneficial workshops that are interesting for all women.

The Domashny Ochag Institute offers a wide choice of classes held at convenient times. People attend not only to gain knowledge, but also ideas, positive emotions and to find friends with the same interests. Here they find a cozy atmosphere, small groups and pleasant conversation. And most importantly – unlike many courses and schools that are offered – Domashny Ochag offers a wide selection of high-quality classes all held under one roof, in a comfortably homey atmosphere and at an affordable price.

Presentational workshops for business partners are being held at the Institute through the end of March. The following workshops were among the first:

Seafood cooking secrets;
Glass painting;
Decorating Easter eggs with decoupage;
Preparing pasta.

All guests were happy with the results. They are on the path of higher education for women.

More information is available at

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