Popular Mechanics in May

Popular Mechanics will celebrate Victory Day along with the rest of the country this May. Readers will find material on the unusual use of weapons during the storming of Berlin and describing how tactics for the use of tanks changed between the defeat of 1941 and the military triumph of 1944-1945. The cover of the May issue is also devoted to the military theme, depicting tank pontoons on a water wing. The article “Victims of Speed" reports the amazing details of the practically unknown and once-secret project to build a high-speed transport for the deployment of Soviet tanks to the Bosphorus and the Baltic Straits. 

Popular Mechanics will celebrate the landmark date by giving a traditional St. George’s ribbon to every reader, and with a charity event: one ruble from each copy sold of the May issue will be donated to helping war veterans.

Also in this issue:
plasma in the history of the universe, tsunamis and the laboratory;
antiquity as seen from space, and a city of the future in a diamond mine;
science of the impossible: Is it possible to create a cure for all illnesses?
how to kill time with a paper pistol;
your first telescope: tips from old hands;
inflatable airplanes that are not toys and flying cars;
What will happen to the world when the oil runs out, and should petro dollars be spent on wind-powered generators?

Sales of the May issue will be supported by priority end-of-aisle displays at points of sale in Moscow and other Russian cities with populations of one million or more, as well as by radio and Internet ads.

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