Cosmopolitan in September

By tradition, Cosmopolitan runs a special section on Moscow every September. Last year, editors created three special Cosmo-routes around the city that were a big hit with readers. Accordingly, a similar section dedicated to St. Petersburg called “I Love Petersburg" was published in June 2010, along with material on simple journeys called “Travelling Light."

In addition to the section on Moscow, the new issue of Cosmopolitan offers another section titled “For Protection." It will help readers understand scams (such as new types of “divorce" and how to avoid them), computer viruses, people with bad intentions and various forms of self-defense – from pepper spray to more serious equipment.

In the section “You and He," readers will find information on how couples relationships will develop in 20 years (why young men often prefer “wallflowers" to beauties), on leisure (how much time you should spend with your boyfriend so that he remains a man and does not turn into a girlfriend), on expectations (wives of travelers and their understanding of love) and on kissing (we’ll learn new techniques!)

In “Your Life," Cosmopolitan talks about changes (is it easy to switch from being a confirmed businesswoman to a desperate housewife?), squeamishness (how it affects relationships with those close to you and what can be funny about it), dreams (female sailors speak about the hardships of working at sea) and inner calm (learning how to forgive).

Readers will find all of that and much more in the September issue of Cosmopolitan.

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