Cosmopolitan in November: the Perfect Pair

The November issue of Cosmopolitan is the first magazine in Russia’s history to be published in two volumes: “For Those Who Have a Partner” and “For Those Who Are Searching.” Each volume has 316 original lines of text – nothing is duplicated, not even the beauty and fashion columns.

Cosmopolitan doubled the enjoyment of its readers. Both those who are looking for love and those who have found it will discover something new in the 2-volume issue of Cosmo. Regular columns and those by the best authors appear in both volumes, along with unique material for those in love, and those looking for love.

The most important themes of both issues are love and relationships. In the issue for those who are searching, editors prepared tests: “Where is the man of your dreams right now?” and “Are you suited for a typical family?” Under the heading “You and He” Cosmopolitan explains why women like certain men and where to meet your man, tells of those who have never loved and of those who are ready for almost chivalrous deeds for the sake of a loved one, finding a partner at different ages in life and what happens when feelings in a relationship change.

The issue also shares how a woman can avoid feeling lonely in the company of couples, what helps to become closer to people and what to do in your spare time – organize a photo shoot or tie up an elephant. The issue also includes an exclusive interview with Ivan Urgant, a true knight in shining armor, as well as much more that will help you enjoy life and find your soul mate.

In the issue for those who have a partner, Cosmopolitan editors share 50 ways to create warmer feelings, explain how to avoid confusing your interests with your beloved’s, as well as how to unite them in a common hobby, and discusses all the stages of a relationship.

The important message in both volumes of the November issue of Cosmo is that you should enjoy each day regardless of your marital status. It is therefore worthwhile to read both volumes because both contain useful information and inspiration.

One of the November volumes also continues the three-month contest “Design your own Cosmo and win an iPad.” Readers will also find an announcement for the grand Cosmopolitan Shopping Party by Mango in 25 Russian cities: don’t miss the 30-percent discount on the entire fall-winter Mango collection, only for Cosmo readers.

A broad advertising campaign in Moscow and Russia’s regions will be staged in support of the special November issue. Ads for the two-volume issue can be seen in city-format, outdoor screens and in Formula Kino movie theaters. Audio and video Cosmopolitan spots will run on TNT and MTV television channels as well as Europa Plus and Love Radio stations.

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