Cosmopolitan Holiday Issue

The December issue of Cosmopolitan is traditionally one of the most anticipated of the year. The cover of this issue is bedecked with holiday decorations. During the run-up to the New Year, the magazine offers readers new ways to meet, decorate and dress up.

The newest issue includes:

Everything on how to celebrate the New Year. The best outfits, the best gifts for everyone, including colleagues, the best parties, the best Christmas Trees – from real trees to coat hanger trees – the best meals and drinks from different countries, the best texts for holiday greeting cards and the very best mood.

The column “You and He”: how to get his attention, how to put the magic back into the relationship (with a witch’s brew of recipes), what to do if you don’t share the same sense of time (your hour is his 10 minutes, or the other way around), how to touch him to achieve the desired result and whether you should always be on his side.

“Your Life”: amusing letters from readers, tips on choosing a psychologist and how to put the aroma of the holiday season in your home. A Hit Parade of all the significant events of 2010.

“Sex”: who are sexoholics, why we use sex to take revenge and which animals are the sexiest.

The special section “So Happy!” – Happiness, how to achieve it, the little things of life and the major events, a portal for happy people and how to make a film about happiness.

Readers will find this and much more in the December holiday issue of Cosmopolitan.

An advertising campaign supporting the issue was launched in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other regions.

In addition to the holiday issue of the magazine, Cosmopolitan editors created another special New Year’s gift for their readers – a movie rating “The 100 Sexiest Men According to Cosmo.” The program will air on Muz-TV on December 13 and again on December 31 and January 1.

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