100th Issue of Popular Mechanics Magazine

Popular Mechanics is celebrating an anniversary in February: the release of its 100th issue. Popular Mechanics has been the most successful and respected popular science publication in Russia since it was introduced in 2002. Its unfailing popularity is evidenced by a constantly increasing circulation, now totaling 230,000 copies per issue and reaching an audience of almost 1 million people.

For the 100th issue, the magazine’s editors have prepared a gift for readers: a special project called “The 100 Best Arms of the Last 100 Years.” It highlights the most outstanding weapons of the last century that have gained distinction for either their tactical and technical characteristics, or the special role they played in history. The arms are divided into 10 categories: helicopters, submarines, airplanes, bombs, armored vehicles, small weapons, missiles, ships, and missile and air defense systems.

Each category lists its own Top 10. Readers will see the entire history of military-technical thinking of the last 100 years — the most intense period of development — pass before their eyes in a gallery of arms that have performed brilliantly in two world wars, intimidated opponents during the Cold War and been used in countless local conflicts.

In addition to that article, the Science section tells readers that some stars are flat and that the moon might very well turn in the opposite direction. The Technology section acquaints readers with the 10 most advanced technological concepts of 2011.

Also in this issue:

Authoritative information about E-mobile: just a PR project or a promising initiative?
Printing and layout mysteries of Popular Mechanics magazine;
The art of piloting airships: a cockpit in the open;
Heavy loads on wheels: how oversize loads are transported in Russia;
“Falling” buildings. Should we admire them, tear them down or straighten them out?

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