Cosmopolitan Runaway Bride in St. Petersburg

On June 25, the fourth Cosmopolitan Runaway Bride event was held in St. Petersburg. This year the magazine prepared a surprise for its readers and organized the event at the Sts. Peter and Paul Fortress in the city’s historical center.

The festive mood was guaranteed by Cosmopolitan-branded raincoats and interactive zones where ladies could make a wish and tie a lucky band on the “Happiness Tree” from “Yekaterina’s necklace” (Kolye Yekateriny), find out their fortune from specialists from the “Star Shine” center in the Psychic Tent and take a lesson on financial literacy at the Cosmocard and Alfa Bank zone. In addition, the guests could have their pictures taken while “wearing” a dress made of Cosmopolitan covers or hugging a large balloon heart from Aerodesign. Everyone could try Grondard marzipan hearts, receive a Cosmo prediction from charming “seamen” of Susannamodels model agency and enjoy the time in the company of 100 brides and the Cosmopolitan Petersburg editorial team.

Another two special “guests” — nice Kia Picanto cars from “Best Motors” company, the festival’s general partner — visited the festival. The qualified managers gladly answered all the questions concerning the new models and helped ladies to make the right choice.

The musical mood of the festival was created by Love Radio pop music and performances from Yegor Sesarev, Radi Slavy and T9 bands. Anna Borisova (St. Petersburg TV channel host) and Maxim Privalov (Love Radio), who hosted the event, awarded prizes for contests and actions. The festival was opened by Natalya Dudiy, Cosmopolitan Petersburg editor-in-chief. At the same time, brides tasted delicious cake from the Pastel confectionery. Festive wineglasses were filled with a light sparkling rose wine “Yekaterina’s necklace” (Kolye Yekateriny) and Contrex mineral water.

The culmination of the festival was a beautiful wedding ritual — throwing the brides’ bouquets. The bouquets’ beauty and “precision” were the responsibility of flower company DutyFreeFlowers. Then the runaways went for a drive around the summer city in nine snow-white limousines. The event successfully ended with strolling along the rivers and channels of St. Petersburg — thanks to the weather: the sun came out over Petersburg again.

This year the Cosmopolitan Runaway Bride event was held in 40 Russian cities, while the total number of runaways reached 2,000. Traditionally the event in St. Petersburg was the last in the series.

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