Popular Lectures in March

The Popular Lectures series from Popular Mechanics will continue this March with a talk on how to identify the most important news from the variety of astrophysical information available today and the continuation of the "Consciousness and the Brain" lecture series.

Astrophysicist Sergei Popov will give a talk on "The best-known works of modern astrophysics" on March 13. In scientific circles, the importance of a given work is often measured by how frequently it is cited in other scientific articles. Which works are the most frequently cited in the world, and why are those particular works so popular? Which subjects might be the most popular in the future, and how can we identify the most important works among the variety of current news in astrophysics?

The "Consciousness and the Brain" lecture series will continue on March 20 and 27. In the first lecture on March 20, neurophysiologist Konstantin Anokhin will explain which functions of consciousness allow it to develop in nature, the signs of consciousness exhibited by living things and what modern studies of the brain can tell us about the neural, cellular and molecular basis of consciousness.

On March 27, psychophysiologist Yury Bubeyev will examine why nature gave man the ability to alter his state of consciousness through spiritual practices, gambling, alcohol and drug use and extreme sports. What is happening in the brain during these activities, and should a person alter their consciousness to achieve self-awareness and personal development?

The lectures will be held in the 35MM movie theater at 47 Ulitsa Pokrovka in Moscow. Each lecture begins and 7:30 p.m., and tickets can be purchased at the theater box office. A detailed schedule is available at www.popmech.ru.

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