Double Issue of Cosmopolitan in April

The April issue of Cosmopolitan consists of two separate volumes about love: love for yourself and love for him. Heidi Klum appears on the cover of the former and Miranda Kerr on the latter.

Flashing her famous dimples, supermodel and Victoria’s Secret angel Miranda Kerr told Cosmo about her ideal men: husband Orlando Bloom and son Flynn. Explaining that life only begins at 38, Heidi Klum told Cosmo how she manages to raise four children, take part in fashion shows and work on several television projects.

Also in this issue:

How often do we say that life can become difficult if we don’t love ourselves enough and fight for what we want — and at the same time condemn people who are fixated on themselves? How much ego is necessary, and just how much should we love ourselves?

In the "Urgent Issues" section: plastic surgery. What can be done to improve your appearance with and without resorting to surgery — and how much does it cost? People with real experience share their advice.

This issue also includes material on Oprah Winfrey and interviews with Kate Moss and Candace Bushnell.

An advertising campaign is supporting the April double issue with outdoor ads, TV, radio, press and Internet spots. The magazine was released for sale on March 13.

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