Esquire Advertising Campaign

In April, Esquire magazine will conduct an advertising campaign on radio, television, the Internet and in print media.

Fifteen-second Esquire promo spots will air repeatedly on nine radio stations (Serebryany Dozhd, Maximum, Monte Carlo, Jazz, Business FM, Kommersant FM, Nashe Radio, Best FM and Rock FM, four television channels (2x2, A-One, Kommersant TV and Dozhd) and in the Formula Kino and Kronverk movie theater chains. Esquire adware will also appear in the Afisha, Bolshoi Gorod and Vedomosti publications.

The Internet campaign will feature banner ads for the Rules of Life project with Yevgeny Tsyganov. The Esquire banner ads will appear on the Look at me, Fur Fur, and websites.

The Esquire advertising campaign will also include priority end-of-aisle displays at gas stations and retail points where the magazine is sold, as well as promo spots on informational terminals in Sheremetyevo Airport.

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