Popular Lectures in April

The April lectures in the Popular Lectures series by Popular Mechanics magazine will be held in the 35MM movie theater on Tuesdays, April 3, 10, 17 and 24, at 7:30 p.m. As a partner to the project, the French Embassy will offer lectures by famous French scientists and scholars.

On April 3, physician and psychotherapist Andrei Strelchenko will explain the nature of hypnosis, the physiological mechanism controlling it, the reason for human suggestibility and whether mass hypnosis is possible.

French neurophysiologist Laurent Cohen will present “30 important questions about the brain" on April 10. Does intelligence depend on brain size? Why don’t we have memories of anything before two years of age? Is it possible to read thoughts? The lecture will examine these and other questions and will be conducted in French with simultaneous translation. Those requiring earphones for translation must leave either a passport or 1,000 rubles as a deposit. The lecture is part of the 11th cycle of lectures titled “A Dialogue on Science" and is sponsored by the Department of Science, Technology and Space of the French Embassy in Russia.

On April 17, biologist Vladimir Voeikov will discuss why water — one of the most thoroughly studied substances on Earth — is still a source of mystery to scientists. What is water, can it “live," and is it capable of “responding" to human emotions?

On April 24, physicist Sergei Troitsky will present the lecture “What is matter?" in which he will “split" matter into its smallest component parts and explain whether there is a limit to such divisions.

More detailed information can be found at www.popmech.ru.

A new online service makes it possible to avoid standing in long ticket lines prior to the lectures. Tickets for the Popular Lectures series can now be purchased on the kino25mm.ru and kassa.rambler.ru websites. Tickets will be sent by e-mail and can be purchased with a credit card, Yandex.dengi, Qiwi Koshelek or from a mobile phone.

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