Best Young Media Managers Work at SIM

In late April, Odgers Berndtson, in cooperation with PwC, published the results of the first annual rating of young leaders in the Russian media sector. The rating singled out 14 representatives of the Sanoma Independent Media publishing house.

The list of the best young media managers in Russia includes Sergei Apresov (Popular Mechanics magazine editor-in-chief), Alexandra Badanina (Cosmopolitan editor-in-chief), Elena Vasilieva (publisher of the Cosmopolitan group of magazines), Daria Veledeeva (Harper’s Bazaar editor-in-chief), Dmitry Golubovsky (Esquire editor-in-chief), Tatiana Doldo (advertising sales director for, Alexander Zheleznyak (National Geographic Traveler editor-in-chief), Olga Zamyatina (Cosmopolitan Psychology editor-in-chief), Irina Ilina (Yes! editor-in-chief), Jamilia Iskandyarova (Vedomosti marketing and development director), Natalia Nesterova (Esquire marketing director), Ekaterina Son (publisher of The Moscow Times), Irina Filimonova (Domashny Ochag advertising director), Natalia Kharlamova (Harper’s Bazaar advertising director) and Anastasia Lobada (

The rating is based on an evaluation of the young managers’ professional achievements and future career prospects. The rating looks at managers under 35 years of age at Russian television and radio stations, web companies and print media who work in upper management (as a CEO), creation of content or product, promotion and commerce.

Five factors are considered in making the final assessment of each manager: professional achievement, recognition by colleagues, the economic prospects of the sector in which his or her company operates, market demand for his or her expertise and skills as well as the manager’s age as of Jan. 1, 2010, the start of the period under review.

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