Cosmopolitan Drive Party

Cosmopolitan magazine celebrated its 18th anniversary at the Reka Club on June 14 by holding the hottest party of the summer for friends and business partners — the Cosmopolitan Drive Party.

Guests were awash in a sea of fun provided by trendy Radio Maximum hosts Pashkov and Krillov, DJ Fyodor Fomin, an explosive performance by Zveri (The Beasts), the wildly positive Gradusy (Degrees) group, an ultra-realistic Elvis Presley, a dance battle by the Scotch group and, of course, the traditional auction with great prizes. Nobody went home without a gift.

Guests could create a new image for themselves with a Hollywood manicure by Minx and a drive-style hairdo by Sebastian Professional and could feel like real racers atop a Ducati motorcycle. Real Cinzano Asti Italian sparkling wine and a choice of cocktails made from Cinzano, Aperol or Campari added zest to the atmosphere of the event.

Among the guests spotted were Dasha Gauzer and Lena Vasilyeva, Natalia Ionova (aka Glyukoza), Lyaisyan Utyasheva, Vyacheslav Manucharov, Nastya Zadorozhnaya, the group Obe Dve, Anna Chapman, Alexei Chumakov, Gabriella, Rita Chelmakova, Paulina Maximova and Nastya Denisova, Leonid Rudenko, Timur Rodriguez, Irina Toneva, Snezhina Kulova and Katya Li.

At the close of the evening, party hostess Alya Badanina — editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan magazine — treated everyone to a birthday cake made by Cake Boutique. Judging by the fact that the guests dispersed long after midnight, the anniversary party was a great success!

More details about the party can be found at

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