First Issue of Cosmopolitan for iPad Released

The Russian edition of Cosmopolitan celebrates its 18th birthday in 2012. The very first Cosmopolitan for Russia was released in May 1994. The print run of 60,000 copies – enormous for that time – disappeared from shelves within mere days. Neither the publishers nor the readers had expected that degree of popularity. Print and radio media were all abuzz over the appearance of a new type of publication in Russia: It was a true glossy sensation.

Cosmopolitan has grown considerably during its 18 years, now with millions of readers, a new generation of editors and readers, a website, a television program and an iPad application. In honor of Cosmopolitan’s “coming of age,” the editorial board decided to recall how it all began.

Cosmopolitan presents readers with its very first issue for the iPad – with Cindy Crawford on the cover and material on Kate Moss, Vladimir Presnyakov, fashion from the mid-1990s and all of the usual timely advice. Readers will also find a pleasant surprise: a video of Elena Myasnikova and Ellen Ferbeek, the first chief editors of Cosmopolitan in Russia, congratulating the magazine on its 18th birthday.

Subscribers to the iPad version of Cosmopolitan got the issue for free. Those who still want to subscribe can do so now and receive the first issue of Cosmo at a discount.

Readers can download the issue at the AppStore by installing the Cosmopolitan kiosk.

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