Harper’s Bazaar in October

The cover of the October issue of Harper’s Bazaar features actress Katie Holmes wearing a Dior dress.

In the October issue:

The 129 best accessories of the season. Fall fashion: shoes with decorative stones; retro purses, cameos and masculine shoes.

Elementary, Holmes! Katie Homes tries her hand at clothing design. Grisha Urgant is a rising star of the music scene, and Renata Litvinova presents her new film.

On the same wavelength: Maria Andreyeva and Daniil Kozlovsky star in the new film “Dukhless" (“Soulless").

All about beauty: focus on breasts. Everything you need to know about breast care and the décolleté.

Discovery section: The sands of time. We set our course for the magical regions of Southeast Asia.

Flash!: the hottest parties of the season according to Harper’s Bazaar.

Harper’s Bazaar – fashion without rules!

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