Cosmopolitan Beauty Day

Cosmopolitan Beauty magazine teamed up with the Rive Gauche perfume and cosmetics store to hold the “Beauty Day by Cosmopolitan Beauty” gala simultaneously in two cities on Nov. 10. 

On that day, visitors to the Tsvetnoy shopping center in Moscow and the Passazh shopping center in St. Petersburg were treated to a pleasant surprise: great shopping deals. In addition to discounts of up to 50 percent on cosmetics, women found presentations of new beauty products, free beauty bars, a nail bar offering Minx designer lacquers, consultations with makeup artists and stylists and, of course, complimentary gifts. Those making the most purchases received Rive Gauche VIP gold shopping cards and stylish accessories from the Lady Collection. A number of other brands also rewarded their loyal customers with pleasant gifts and souvenirs.

Per tradition, Cosmopolitan Beauty editor-in-chief Natalia Sherstyuk opened the event. The highpoint of both “Beauty Days” was a pair of entertaining shows staged by Yu TV channel host Olga Danka (in Moscow) and Love Radio DJ Anton Kazak in St. Petersburg. Celebrities also stopped by to join the fun. They included: Danila Polyakov, designer Timur Guchkayev, Irina Ortman, David, Muz-TV personalities Oxana Ustinova and Rita Che, the singer Ika, St. Petersburg TV channel host Anna Borisova, actor Andrei Noskov, the Marsel group, Polina Filonenko, Yevgenia Igumnova, Yegor Sesarev, Comedy Club Petersburg performers, fashion historian Megan Virtanen as well as fashion and beauty bloggers. DJs Sakura and Nastya Pravda of the Groove school of audio arts in Moscow and DJ Cosmo in St. Petersburg treated their respective shoppers to sets of hip music. Handmade chocolates by Sweeterella made a tasty addition to the festive event.

“Beauty Day” guests could have their picture taken in the special Cosmopolitan Beauty zone while wearing festive makeup and holding up fun props — signs reading “Beauty Queen according to Cosmopolitan Beauty” or “Caution: Wet Makeup!” along with ornamental beauty crowns and other items in keeping with the upbeat mood. Women could also feel like real beauties by trying on a berry-themed dress. For the Moscow event, a two-meter-tall lipstick art object was created to symbolize the main beauty attribute carried by every true Cosmo girl.

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