Harper’s Bazaar in December

Harper’s Bazaar was released in two volumes in December. On the cover of the first: “Dazzling. Bold. Luxurious" — model Amra Tserkezovits in a Gucci dress and jewelry by Harry Winston.

The issue includes:

New Year’s fashion. Luxury tax. Bright prints, swanky fabrics, embroidery and oversized jewelry — combining everything in a single look. Also, accessories with crystals, baroque bags and “snake" sandals.

Secrets of Diana Vreeland. Hitherto unknown facts about the legendary editor of the U.S. version of Harper’s Bazaar — what Diana loved more than fashion.

Beauty: all the colors of night. New Year’s makeup secrets from makeup artist Shiseido.

Meeting place: Harper’s Bazaar picks the best restaurants and bars of 2012.

Discoveries column: a wealth of forms. The most unusual hotels with baroque interiors.

On the cover of the second volume: “Elegant. Simple. Fresh" — Oui Management model Tamara wearing a Lanvin top and skirt and Sportmax ankle boots.

The issue includes:

Fashion. Ingenious. Simple. Dramatic minimalism for true maximalists. Vika Gazinskaya, Kira Plastinina and other it-girls talk about minimalism as a lifestyle. Why accessory designers like the motto “short and sweet."

New wave: forward-looking minimalist designers.

Beauty: quick fix. Applying facials and makeup using the Express accessory.

Discoveries column: paring it down to the minimum. The best minimalist designer hotels.

Flash! The hottest parties of the season according to Harper’s Bazaar.

Harper’s Bazaar — fashion without rules!

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