Domashny Ochag in March

In the March issue of Domashny Ochag, readers will find:

Lena Lenina: the secrets of charm;
Women’s basics: the art of love, useful training seminars and the secrets of style and slender waistlines;
Where have all the grandmas gone? The pros and cons of a generation brought up by nannies;
Mama, teach me to cook: borsch, dumplings, cutlets and pies;
Eight rules for the perfect wardrobe;
Making dinner for your sweetheart: Men, use these recipes from the pros;
Print decor: simple solutions;
Celebrity mom: Melanie Griffith;
Thirty-one steps for putting things in order;
Why children love watching cartoons and whether parents should try to influence their choices.

The March issue of Domashny Ochag will be released for sale on Feb. 19.