Popular Lectures in November

This November, the Popular Lectures series by Popular Mechanics magazine will be held at 7:30 pm on Tuesdays: Nov. 5, 12, 19 and 26 at the 35MM movie theater at 47 Ulitsa Pokrovka in Moscow.

On November 5, physicist Dmitry Kazakov will speak about three mysteries of modern physics. He will address the nature of dark matter, explain the absence of anti-matter in the universe and why nature needed three families of quarks and leptons when the entire observable world consists of only the first family.

On November 12, psychologist Sergei Mats will continue his series “How is the human mind built?” with a lecture asking “What controls human behavior?” Are we really in control of the situation just because we feel that we are? If we really do control out actions, how do they sometimes result in new experiences that enable us to change our behavior? What prevents us from reaching our goals and achieving desired results?

On November 19, renowned neuroscientist Konstantin Anokhin will give a lecture titled “Games with Memory.” What is our memory? How is it connected with the origin of our sense of self? Did everything we remember actually happen or exist? To what extent can we rely on human memory? Can we create false memories – and if so, how? Is it possible to selectively erase unwanted memories?

On November 26, psychologist Elena Korabelnikova will explain “Why children sometimes sleep poorly.” What do parents need to know about the physiology of a child’s sleep? What are the consequences of interrupted sleep in children? Are frequent nightmares normal in children or should parents consult a doctor? Is there a connection between a child’s dreams and their physical health? How can parents help their child sleep soundly?

Tickets for each lecture cost 350 rubles and can be purchased at the movie theater box office or online at the popmech.ru website.

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