Popular Mechanics in March

Debate over the extent of China’s military ambitions finds expression in the flood of both factual news stories and rumors of megaprojects that the emerging superpower is allegedly pursuing. Lately, observers have focused their attention on the country’s aircraft carrier fleet. Is the Celestial Empire really planning to vie with the United States for dominance of the oceans, or is this a bluff on a grand scale? Find out in the latest issue of Popular Mechanics.

Quantum mechanics has so completely eliminated all former points of reference that scientists increasingly admit that they know nothing and the scientific picture of our world resembles a confusing fairy tale with no pictures and written in an incomprehensible language. And yet, the quantum world is so real that we can literally touch it. Read more in the article “Gulliver of the Microcosm" in the Science section.

The upcoming Paralympics promises to break all records for both quantity and quality of TV coverage of this sporting event. In the Technology section, read the article “Technological Doping" describing how super high-tech gadgets that any technology fan would covet will help Paralympics athletes in their quest for victory.

In this issue:

Life at the origin of the universe;
Hard-working mutants;
Ten new technical terms;
How we found “Mars 3";
Digital defense;
Amazing human-powered flying machines;
Rivers of gold;
Optical illusion.

The issue went on sale Feb. 18.

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