Popular Mechanics in May

The May issue of Popular Mechanics looks at 100 of the most exotic machines of the 21st century. Want to know what a harvester, forwarder, reach stacker or scraper looks like? Some of these machines are mass-produced, while only one or two copies have been made of others even though world class specialists spent years of their lives designing and developing them. These machines exist because it would be impossible to get along without them, and each one deserves a magazine article of its own.

In the article “How the morning begins" in the Science section, Popular Mechanics editors dispel myths about coffee, tea and cocoa. In Moscow, workers are deciding whether and how to dismantle the Shukov radio tower in Shabolovka, a monument to engineering skill of international significance. The article “Waiting for the verdict" in the Technology section argues why the unique structure should be left standing.

In the weapons section, the article “Operation Bagration — blitzkrieg to the West" examines the single greatest disaster in the history of the German army, the defeat of army group “Center." Also, PM editors had the good luck to watch the legendary U.S. Nascar racing series from box seats, from a team trailer and from the stands of the 858-meter oval Bristol Motor Speedway track. Find more details in the Adrenaline column.

Also in this issue:

gravitation caliber gun;
beaming into the brain;
heavenly ship of dreams;
kindergarten forever;
tried and true beauty;
one-color palette;
hunter in ambush;
Anthony Howe’s metal trees.

The May issue went on sale April 15. The iPad version of the magazine is available from the App Store and the PDF version can be found on Zinio.

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