New Appointments to Sanoma Independent Media Sales Department

Natalia Vesnina has been named the new Commercial Director of Sanoma Independent Media (SIM). Yulia Tokaier also took over as Commercial Director for work with key corporate clients. Nicholas Dadiani, who served as SIM Commercial Director since May 2013, has decided to continue his career with a different company. Both Ms. Vesnina and Ms. Tokaier will answer directly to SIM General Director Jean-Emmanuel de Witte.

“On behalf of the company, I would like to thank Nicholas Dadiani for his contribution to the development of Sanoma Independent Media and wish him success in his new position,” said Jean-Emmanuel de Witte. “His experience with digital projects was very useful for our publishing house. Nicholas created a strong team that is ready to bring our ambitious plans to fruition. And I am glad that this team will be headed by Natalia Vesnina, who has many years of experience in the company and a unique knowledge of the market. Working with key clients is a real art, one in which Yulia Tokaier has no equal. I wish Natalia and Yulia success in implementing our plans,” he said.

In her new position, Natalia Vesnina will be responsible for the commercial, administrative and organizational functions of the company’s sales structures, as well as for interacting with media-buying agencies for advertising sales on all SIM platforms. Ms. Vesnina began working for Independent Media with Domashny Ochag magazine in 2000. She first served as Advertising Manager until 2003, when she became Director of Advertising. In February 2006 she was appointed SIM Corporate Director for work with media-buying agencies.

“I am very happy to continue working with my favorite team in a new capacity,” said Natalia Vesnina. “I am confident that our joint efforts will take the company to a new stage of development, and that we, as the media market leaders, will always offer our business partners the most up-to-date and useful solutions.”

Yulia Tokaier will be responsible for advertising sales to the publishing house’s key corporate clients on all SIM platforms. Ms. Tokaier began working for the publishing house in 1997 and served as the Corporate Sales Director for the last several years.

“I am confident that in this new post I will manage to not only maintain the wonderful business and personal contacts that have developed over years of working with colleagues and business partners, but also make them more productive and positive,” said Yulia Tokaier. “The market, like the world in general, is changing at an astonishing rate, and we are changing with it. I would like to consider this new position at my long-familiar publishing house as an opportunity to not only preserve all that we have achieved, but to multiply those accomplishments in conjunction with modern realities,” she said.

“When I came to Sanoma Independent Media one year ago, I had a clear vision of the changes and improvements that were necessary,” said Nicholas Dadiani. “I managed to carry out many of those plans, especially in connection with analysis, forecasting and adapting sales structures to the modern reality. I am confident that my colleagues will successfully complete that transformation. My departure is due to a unique job offer, and I am very sorry to be leaving the company,” he said.

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