Summer Issue of Cosmopolitan Beauty

The summer issue of Cosmopolitan Beauty is out, and readers will find everything they need to prepare for summer, including:

What our hair and bodies crave in the heat: interesting facts about protecting yourself from the sun, beauty trends for body and hair, original hairstyles topped by summer hats and readers’ favorite spa treatments;
Cover story: how singer Glukoza experimented with hairstyles, and why she decided to get tattoos that her clothes don’t hide;
Beautiful flight: how to look great while flying and after landing with only the basic necessities on board;
Summer make-up: tips for choosing and applying water-resistant cosmetics, experiments with purple for the lips and eyes and bronzing powder in place of classic;
SOS program for the fanny: how to quickly shape up below the belt line;
Nice bonus: promotions, discounts and beauty product gifts;
Men: Host Timur Solovyov tells which types of women he likes and why he loves the small of varnish; a tennis player, a golfer and a horseback riding trainer describe which young women come to them for help getting in shape;
Celebrity Sports special section: exercises and tips from the most beautiful and athletic women — Eva Mendes, Natalia Vodianova and others.

The June issue went on sale May 27.

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