New Sales Division Appointments at Sanoma Independent Media

Sanoma Independent Media (SIM) announces new appointments in the publishing house’s sales division.

Anastasia Igumentseva was named corporate director of SIM digital products sales, Maria Kamenskaya was named director of sales for the SIM group of men’s publications, Yulia Nemtsova was named SIM corporate director of sales and will be responsible for liaising with the company’s Italian partners and Elvira Khisayeva was appointed head of the department for sales effectiveness and the development of relations with Russian and international outsourcing agencies.

Jean-Emmanuel de Witt, CEO of Sanoma Independent Media, commented on the appointments:

“At the moment, SIM’s dynamics are among the best in the advertising market. Nonetheless, our primary task remains improving the quality of service and communications with our customers as much as possible.

“The number of cross-platform and multi-brand advertising companies is growing rapidly. SIM produces modern multi-platform content, thereby creating new opportunities for attracting advertisers.

“Our digital brands have fantastic potential, especially now, when content has become the new currency. We are confident that Anastasia Igumentseva’s successful experience in promoting content will help us fully unlock that potential.

“SIM is a leader in the men’s magazines segment, reaching 58 percent of the audience and holding a 42 percent share of the market. The task before Maria Kamenskaya is to develop this segment and to offer the market effective cross-platform projects.

“Yulia Nemtsova has the job of increasing the percentage of Italian clients for all SIM products and we have created a single access point to facilitate communication for such projects.

“Elvira Khisayeva’s mission is to attract revenues with new sources of monetization and new advertising placement formats.”

Prior to joining SIM, Anastasia Igumentseva headed the Dozhd, Slon and Bolshoy Gorod digital bureau from 2012 and served as the commercial director for She worked as advertising director for the Maxim magazine website from 2008 to 2012 and prior to that worked as the senior advertising sales manager for the websites of the Conde Nast publishing house.

Maria Kamenskaya, who until the present had served as commercial director for Men’s Health and Women’s Health magazines, will now head sales of the SIM group of men’s publications as well as for Women’s Health magazine. Maria Kamenskaya began working for SIM in 2004 as the advertising director of Men’s Health and was named commercial director of Men’s Health and Women’s Health in 2011.

In her new post, Yulia Nemtsova, who until now had served as advertising director of Grazia magazine, will be responsible for working with SIM’s corporate clients and liaising with its Italian business partners and advertising agencies. Yulia Nemtsova began working with SIM in 2000 in both the advertising and marketing department of Harper’s Bazaar magazine. She was appointed director of advertising for Grazia magazine in 2006 prior to the publication’s initial release in March 2007.

In addition to her previous duty of analyzing the effectiveness of SIM advertising sales, Elvira Hisayeva will now represent the interests of the publishing house in her job developing relations with Russian and international outsourcing agencies. Elvira Hisayeva joined SIM in July 2013 as the manager of sales effectiveness and held that post through March 2014. She worked as manager of the SMB segment for the Rambler Internet holding company from 2012 to 2013 and served as head of advertising support for the Afisha publishing house from November 2009 to December 2011.

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