Thirteen SIM Employees Named Top Young Media Managers

Thirteen employees of publishing house Sanoma Independent Media (SIM) were included in the list of the most successful and promising young media managers in the third annual rating by Odgers Berndtson and PwC.

The list of the best young media managers in Russia includes Sergei Apresov (Popular Mechanics editor-in-chief), Daria Veledeeva (Harper’s Bazaar editor-in-chief), Dmitry Golubovsky (Esquire editor-in-chief), Ekaterina Derbilova ( editor-in-chief), Alexander Emtsev (Cosmopolitan group of publications executive director), Alexander Zheleznyak (National Geographic Traveler editor-in-chief), Jamilia Iskandyarova (Vedomosti newspaper digital projects publisher), Natalia Moiseyenkova ( publisher), Alisa Radlova (Cosmopolitan Shopping editor-in-chief), Denis Smirnov (SIM publications digital division director), Vera Usoltseva (Cosmopolitan magazine advertising director), as well as Yevgenia Savchenko (SIM lifestyle internet projects ex-advertising director) and Alexei Tsyganov (Men’s Health magazine digital projects ex-editor-in-chief).
The “Rating of Young Russian Media Managers” is based on professional accomplishments and their career prospects of the media managers. The main goal of the rating is to single out and draw attention to young professionals under 35 who are most likely to determine the conditions of the media market in the next three to five years. Five factors are considered in making the final assessment of each manager: competitiveness, professional achievement, recognition by colleagues, the economic prospects of the sector in which his or her company operates and the market demand for his or her expertise and skills.

Data from January 2012 to December 2013 were used in calculating the current ratings, but did not take into account achievements and job transitions in 2014. Only media managers born after July 1, 1977, were considered for this year’s rating.

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