Attend a Popular Lecture

The upcoming talks in Popular Mechanics magazine’s Popular Lectures series will be held at DI Telegraph on October 7 and 14 at 7:30 p.m. DI Telegraph is located at 7 Tverskaya Blvd. (entrance from Gazetny Pereulok, next door to the Kruzhka cafe, fifth floor). Admission is 350 rubles and tickets will go on sale just before each lecture.

On October 7, physiologist Vyacheslav Dubynin will present a lecture on “The brain and hormones: Why do parents and children love each other?” during which he will explore questions such as: Where are the brain’s centers for parental love and a child’s attachment to parents? How do hormones regulate interactions between mother and child? Why do girls play with dolls and why are grandparents crazy about grandchildren?

On October 14, behavioral economist Oleg Klepikov will explore the impact of neuroesthetics on business performance and will look at applications of neuroesthetics and explain how the brain perceives art and beauty to answer the questions: Is there an absolute standard for beauty, and how do biology and psychophysiology understand “aesthetics”? How can that knowledge be applied to business? Is it possible to reliably predict what will, and will not appeal to a specific audience? How to choose the right color, brightness and contrast for the look of a product or brand?

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