Popular Mechanics at Model Plane Building Workshop

The final stage of the Tech School model airplane building project was held with the support of Popular Mechanics magazine and the Moscow Department of Culture. The result: a number of model aircraft constructed by Moscow grammar school and college students took to the skies over the capital city.

The Tech School project aims to introduce high school and technical college students to modern industrial production and revive an interest in scientific and technical creativity among children and youth. The project was organized by the Zodchiye Cultural Center and supported by Popular Mechanics magazine and the Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design. The organizers did not place any limits or restrictions on the design of the model planes to allow participants to fully express their creativity. Under the guidance of skilled advisers, the students made their airplanes from cardboard, plastic, empty bottles and other nonstandard materials.

A student of the Moscow Aviation Institute formally opened the ceremony on December 6 by launching an airplane of his own construction into the air. Each team then presented their model planes along with the name they had chosen for the aircraft – some even recited original poetry in honor of the project. The launch was successful: some planes stood out for their graceful design or durability, others for their agile airborne pirouettes, and still others for their ability to fly long distances.

The workshop jury named winners in several categories: Grand Prix, Best Design, Most Reliable, Best Presentation and Most Aerodynamic. Every participant received a gift and each team took home trophies and certificates. 

Popular Mechanics presented Tech School students with special prizes and the latest issue of the magazine. As a partner to the project, the PM logo appeared on all advertising materials and on the Tech School website.
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