Popular Lectures in September

At the Popular Lectures series in September, guests will learn about the psychological differences between people, behavior management, food, and the link between intellect and success in life. The Popular Lectures series will take place on September 8, 15, 22 and 29 at the Hyundai Motorstudio at 21-1 Novy Arbat in Moscow.

In “Why are people so different?" on September 8, psychologist Sergei Mats will look at how our bodily constitution is formed and if it is possible to change it. Is there a link between psychology and body type? What really prevents us from “understanding," “feeling," and “comprehending" someone else?

Physiologist Vyacheslav Dubynin will speak about “The brain and food" on September 15. Guests will learn where the food centers are in the brain, whether and how our bodies control our weight, if salt and sugar really are “white death" for the human body, how different ingredients of food affect the nervous system, and why many people eat more when they are stressed.

On September 22, behavioral economist Oleg Klepikov will deliver a talk on how to manage human behavior. Are the choices we face and our behavior really so complex, and is the human race really so diverse? How much can you learn about a person from their social network profile or a recording of their voice, and how can retailers use this information to sell products and services? What is your psychographic profile and how can you use its many components to change the choices you make?

Dmitry Ushakov, head of the Laboratory of Psychology and the Psychophysiology of Creativity at the Psychology Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences will deliver a lecture on “Intellect and success in life" on September 29. What is human intelligence and how can we evaluate it? How are verbal, numerical, spatial and emotional intelligence related? Does “general intelligence" exist? Is intelligence a function of genetics and environment? Does our level of intelligence determine whether we succeed at school, work and in our personal lives? Is it possible to measure the intellect of an organization, region or country? Does intelligence influence the success of a whole group of people?

Advance tickets are priced at 350 rubles each and tickets at the door cost 400 rubles each.

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