Popular Mechanics in October

A significant part of the October issue of Popular Mechanics is devoted to the subject of time, and a major part of that focuses on time travel. Among the most desirable innovations, the time machine ranks second only to teleportation. But how would mankind use a time machine? Find out more in the new issue of Popular Mechanics.

In the Science section read “The Giants Look to the Sky." An outstanding trio of latest-generation giant optical telescopes will enable space researchers to answer the most important questions that until now have not only been impossible to properly formulate, but even imagine.

In Technology, read “The Technology of the Secret Strike." European countries are stepping up cooperation in the field of high-tech reconnaissance and forward-striking unmanned systems.

In the Weapons section, the article “Drone U" looks at students from around the country who go to Kolomna to train to be military UAV operators. In the Adrenaline section, “Battle Snake" explores how those who were born to fly like to fight it out in the sky.

In this issue:

Thermonuclear Steam Punk: A steam-driven thermonuke;
The World Channel Race: The rivalry between the largest sea transport arteries is heating up;
50,000 Iron Rings: The secret behind the popularity of chainmail;
Marty, We Made It: 2015 has every reason to be called “the year of the flying skateboards";
A Pinch of Salt to Drink: How to make potable sea water;
Animated Hands: Simple solutions to tricky problems;
The Iron Branch of Evolution: A unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the automotive realities of bygone years;
A Fistful of Lightning: How modern radio-electronic bombs are being used to gain total control of the airwaves.

The magazine went on sale September 22. Download the electronic version from the App Store or Google Play.

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