Popular Mechanics in November

In the November issue of Popular Mechanics, we meet the world’s most famous modern aircraft designer, Burt Rutan, for an exclusive interview. A list of his many honors and awards could fill several pages, even in small script. His flying machines are like no other and have set more world records than those of any other aerospace engineer.

In the Science section, the story “Zombie in a Cage" is about prions: deadly real-life zombie molecules. In the Technology column, “A Scientific Guide to the Red Planet" will tell you how to fly to Mars and survive there.

In the Weapons section, read about the most advanced Russian armored vehicles in “The Year of Armor." In the Adrenaline column, the article “Stroke of Genius" is about a fantastic new machine – a sporty snowmobile with a two-stroke engine.

In this issue:

Let’s Crash Mars: How to make the red planet more hospitable for humans;
To Laugh and Then Think: The 2015 Ig Nobel Prize;
Hammer of Thor: New atomic power;
Jump for Your Life: How to jump from the 100th floor of a burning building – and live;
Train Wagon Crash Test: Train travel safety tips;
Bond Cars: Automobiles from the cult movie series;
Beyond the Shovel: Achievements of modern archeology;
Cutting Open a Chainsaw: How chainsaws are built;
Break Me if You Can: Computers that can work in extreme conditions;
Green Beret Olympics: A special purpose triathlon.

The magazine went on sale October 27. Download the electronic version from the App Store or Google Play.

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