Popular Mechanics in February

The Su-34 bomber, the most advanced combat aircraft in the Russian Air Force, undoubtedly plays a significant role in strengthening Russia’s defense capabilities. Find out more about the aircraft in the February issue of Popular Mechanics magazine.

In the Science section, the article “On Waves of Thought" looks at how scientists, inspired by science fiction writers, managed the incredible feat of linking a mechanical arm to the human nervous system. In the Technology section, “Under Pressure" focuses on divers who descend to depths of hundreds of meters. These “aquanauts" have been compared to astronauts who earlier conquered space: in their own ways, sea abysses are even more dangerous than the vacuum of outer space.

The article “Army Test Drives" in the Weapons section explores what it is like to drive an armored vehicle or tank. Are soldiers comfortable sitting behind steering wheels and levers? Are the seats and microclimate inside comfortable? Is it difficult to gauge the outer dimensions of the vehicle and maneuver properly when parking? In the Adrenaline column, the article “Hearts and Engines" looks at the “Gentlemen’s Race" – unquestionably the most beautiful automobile event of fall.

Also in this issue:
Entangling the untangled: how quantum cryptography is improving;
Immortal genes: a gift from animals that don’t age;
Measuring the tests that measure intelligence: the validity of IQ tests;
From locator to cloud: the revolutionary ADS-B technology;
A game that computers can’t handle: the Chinese game of Go;
Mysteries of the mines: interesting technologies used to raise and lower both people and freight.

The issue went on sale January 26. The digital version is available for download from the App Store and Google Play.

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