Popular Mechanics in May

The May issue of Popular Mechanics magazine focuses on the scientific breakthroughs of the 21st century that are radically changing our understanding of life, from the discovery of gravitational waves to the CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing technique and the search for new planets in our solar system.

The Science section features “Total Recall," an article about where memories go when we forget something. In the Technology section, “The Battery-Operated Nose" is about electronic noses and tongues that are able to take on the risky job of detecting the smell of poison, explosives or even illnesses.

Learn about the unique “Vykhlop" sniper rifle in the “The Silent Elephant Gun" in the weapons section. In the Workshop section, find out how Circuit Scribe makes it possible to combine electricity with the high art of calligraphy.

Also in this issue:

Maritime Breed:  fighter jet for the Army based on ship-borne aircraft;
Circuit Judges: the first beauty contest judged in part by computer programs;
The Heart of Darkness: how electro-optical converters make it possible to see in total darkness;
Dragon Heads: how ICBM warheads hit their targets;
Secret Expedition: the story of the Northern Fleet in 1941-1945;
Mercedes-Benz and the Prose of Life: a test drive of the world’s most high-tech sedan;
SUP Surfing: the sport that combines Hawaiian spontaneity with high technology.

The magazine went on sale 19 April. An electronic version is available from the App Store and Google Play.

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