Harper’s Bazaar Art Releases New Issue

Harper’s Bazaar Art has released a special spring-summer 2016 issue. The main features include:

The Art of Action: A real artist always takes risks by pushing the limits of what is possible. Jan Fabre stages provocative plays by bringing elements of performance art to the theater. Getting arrested by the police is an integral part of any Pyotr Pavlensky’s street performances. Andrei Kuzkin and Olya Kroitor made overcoming pain and fear the focus of their work. Pioneers of media performance immerse themselves head and shoulders into virtual reality for the sake of ephemeral art that exists only as long as someone is looking at it.

Russian Artists in France: In early 20th-century Paris, the fabulous scenery that Bakst produced for Diaghilev’s ballets and the stylish illustrations by Erté were the talk of the town, while Russian industrialist and patron Sergei Shchukin owned one of the world’s best collections of modern French art. Now, 100 years later, the situation has come full circle: the works of Bakst and Erté are on display in Moscow and St. Petersburg while the Shchukin collection is on tour in Paris.

Lucid Mind: “In creating a work of art, I automatically change the world,” artist Olafur Eliasson said on the eve of a retrospective of his work in Versailles. He gave the magazine an interview in which he spoke about the importance of the presence of the audience, mind and feelings.

Also in this issue:

Secret Signs: Viktor Pivovarov, a leader of Moscow conceptualism, talks about two exhibitions in the capital city honoring his 80th birthday – a large-scale retrospective at Garage and a new cycle of paintings entitled “Lost Keys” on display at the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts – and also shares his thoughts on literature and the secretes of the old masters.

Liberty Behind the Barricades: Famed Russian performance artist Pyotr Pavlensky challenges the authorities and their well-established mechanisms of violence.

Children of the Sun: A Harper’s Bazaar Art photo shoot featuring cubist-futuristic theater costumes styled after sketches by Kazimir Malevich for the opera “Victory Over the Sun” as well as fashion hits of the season.

Time is Money: Until recently, it was possible to earn greater returns on art than on the stock market and oil futures. Harper’s Bazaar Art asks: Can you get rich investing in works by young artists?

Sell and Conquer: Igor Markin, founder of Russia’s first private art museum, Art4.ru, and the owner of one of the country’s best collections of modern art, is selling the works in his collection. Harper’s Bazaar Art finds out why.

That’s a Wrap! In a series of satirical self-portraits created especially for the magazine, artist Cindy Sherman models and parodies the antics of street style stars.

Closer to the Body: The fashion debut of artist Pavel Pepperstein. “I try to envelop women in my own creations,” he explains in an interview.

A Good Year: A perfume art project by artists Marina Belova and Alexei Politov.

At the Level of Chemistry. Harper’s Bazaar Art comes up with a formula for luxury with artist-ceramist Sofia Israel.

Journal: The main events and trends; a guide to the best exhibitions of the season.

The Carambolages exhibition in Paris, Damien Hirst’s new restaurant in London, Robert Indiana sculptures in St. Petersburg, Francis Bacon paintings in Liverpool, African rarities from the Branly Museum on display in Moscow and an Isaac Mizrahi retrospective in New York.

Discoveries: A summer guide to the world’s most beautiful art parks and the best hotels designed by star architects.

Forward-Looking: Inspired by the innovations of Russian avant-garde artists, designers put together a trendy “construction kit.”

Also, artist Clara Golitsyn on life, personal exhibitions and Facebook; gallery owner Ekaterina Iragi on her love for art in all its manifestations; and the ironic and paradoxical work of artist Shishkin-Hokusai.

The magazine went on sale April 26. Harper’s Bazaar Art – a new look at fashionable art!

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