Popular Mechanics in June

In the June issue of Popular Mechanics magazine readers will find an interview with Kalashnikov lead designer Demyan Belyakov who talks about the company’s promising new shooting systems, including the self-loading SC-16 carbine he developed with Yevgeny Yerofeyev.

In the Science section, “The History of Mutants" asks if homeotic genes are similar in humans and reptiles, and whether they can aid the regrowth of lost fingers or even hands. In Technology, the article “The All-Seeing Eye" explains how intelligence services can monitor everything that goes online.

“The Race to Hypersonic Speed" in the Weapons section looks at hypersonic lethal devices that could radically change the entire field of missile armaments. The new e-Sports section features “The Race of the Supermen," an article about drone racing – a new e-Sport on the cutting edge between virtual reality and aircraft modeling.

Also in this issue:

A Look Through Alien Eyes: new tools to detect signs of extraterrestrial life;
Crooked Mirror: what stops us from thinking rationally;
Football Revolution: how the rules of the game have changed significantly;
Focus on History: the evolution of autofocus systems;
To the Last Screw: to understand how any mechanism works, just disassemble it to the very smallest parts;
Ramming Weapons: the 2016 St. George’s tournament – the world’s most uncompromising knightly competition;
Chained: the world’s first chemically operated Rube Goldberg machine.

The magazine went on sale May 24. A digital version is available from the App Store and Google Play.

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