Popular Mechanics in July

Does Russia have military robots? Yes, and in no small number. The Russian Defense Ministry has developed a comprehensive program known as Prospects for Creating Military Robotics by 2025, and the Army has taken a serious interest in unmanned land-based military equipment. Learn more about how it plans to use them in the July issue of Popular Mechanics.

Next, find the article “To the Stars" in the Science section about the Breakthrough Starshot project which hopes to make interstellar travel a reality for the next generation – that is, within decades rather than centuries. In the Technology section, “The Fantastic Future of Flying Cars" is about a time in the near future when people will be able to travel in private drones.

In the new Lifestyle column, “Russian Gunfighter" is about the speed with which amateurs can shoot from the hip. In the Cars column, read about the Cadillac ECTO-1– the reincarnation of the legendary Ghostbusters vehicle released in 2016. In Cybersport, take one of the most popular gadgets of the year – a radio-controlled and camera-equipped quadcopter – for a test flight.

Also in this issue:
Eyes of the Sun: Stars that can act as gravitational lenses;
21st-Century Chiromancers: Dermataglyphic testing;
Wonderful Neighbor: Where did the cockroaches in our home come from and where did they go?
Our Armor is Strong and Our Horses are Fast: At the St. George’s tournament, knights in period armor battle according to the rules of the 15th century;
Deep Into Virtual Reality: Void technology revolutionizing virtual reality technology;
Was That a Goal? How goal-line technology (GLT) can determine beyond all doubt whether the ball crossed the goal line;
The Human Factor: Who is dropping aircraft?
The Genie in the Printer: Revolutionary nanotechnology and biotechnology of the future.

The magazine went on sale June 21. Download the electronic version from the App Store and Google Play.

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