Cosmopolitan Beauty Releases Winter Issue

In the winter issue of Cosmopolitan Beauty, readers will find ideas for the best beauty gifts, five brilliant looks for parties and recipes for dishes to keep you warm during winter. Also: the guide “How to Become a Popular Blogger” and an answer to every woman’s most burning question: “Why do we age?”

Also in this issue:
Secrets of the Stars: what inspires Natalia Portman, Margot Robbi, and Keyt Blanshett;
Lustrous Lashes: Are you using your mascara correctly?
The Fluff Formula: six ways to keep your hair bushy and full;
Inner Calm: yoga and pilates workouts with TV host Regina Todorenko;
Teeth Whitening: What is it, how is it done, and how much does it cost?
The truth about the water we drink: Is it safe?
How to make your own perfumes;
The Fight Club: visit a fencing class;
Arabic Beauty: the secrets of Eastern beauties.

The issue went on sale December 1.

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