Independent Media Takes Part in Press Summit

The National Advertising Forum held a press summit on December 8, which included leading publishing houses in Russia, including Independent Media, Condé Nast Russia, Hearst Shkulev Media, Burda Media Company, Bauer Media, Kommersant, and more.

Summit participants discussed the development of print media and media consumption trends. A report by Mediascope’s cross-media research director, Mikhail Raibman, generated the most interest. He spoke about the latest research on modern readers and the clear advantages of advertising in print media.

He highlighted that readers consider print media a source of quality information in terms of both editorial content and advertising. Most respondents of the study said that reading print material is a conscious choice and that they do not like to be distracted by other things and other media while reading. They consider print publications a trusted source of information on a range of topics.

The study also revealed that readers consider press publications one of the main sources of information about their favorite brands, with the majority of respondents considering ads to be more appropriate in print than other media. As many as 80 percent of the readers of women’s glossy magazines look for brands that they first saw advertised in those publications, and 76 percent ended up making a purchase.

L’Officiel magazine editor-in-chief Ksenia Sobchak also chaired a discussion at the press summit among representatives of legendary magazines on how print advertisements differ from digital ads. Harper’s Bazaar editor-in-chief Daria Veledeeva summed up the general view in saying that a good symbiosis of media channels and quality creative work are necessary for success.

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