New Appointments at Harper’s Bazaar and Grazia

The Independent Media publishing house announces staffing changes in its Harper’s Bazaar and Grazia brands.

Dina Silina takes over as creative director of the online version of Harper’s Bazaar. Ekaterina Velikina, who already serves as editor-in-chief of, will also take on the same function for the website. Daria Veledeeva retains her post as executive director for all Harper’s Bazaar projects in Russia, while Alena Peneva continues as editorial director for all Grazia projects in Russia.

Ms. Silina graduated from the London College of Fashion with a degree in journalism. She began her career at age 20 working at Elle magazine published by Hearst Skhulev, the Ukrainian division of Independent Media. She then went on to head the website For the past 3 years, Ms. Silina has served as editor-in-chief of the popular online publication Buro 24/7.

Ms. Velikina has written books, is a popular blogger, and previously worked as the editor-in-chief of Mamas & Papas magazine. She became the chief editor of the website in 2015 and helped grow the portal’s audience from 2 million in May 2015 to 11 million in December 2016.

Yunia Pugacheva and Arian Romanovsky, who served as digital directors of the and, have decided to leave the company. Their diverse experience and professionalism made it possible for the websites to expand their audiences and become the leading Internet editions in the premium segment in only a few months. During their tenure, they successfully relaunched both sites and laid a firm foundation for their further development on the market. Independent Media would like to express its gratitude to Yunia and Arian for their work.

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