Independent Media: Jam is Always Today

The Independent Media (IM) publishing house held a business breakfast for partners on March 22. The publishing house invited guests to Mercury Space to tell them about the launch of IM’s new digital products. Hearst Digital Media President Troy Young served as the guest of honor of the event.

In-house IM specialists as well as digital market guest experts spoke at the event, titled “Jam is always today.” Independent Media General Director Maria Komarova presented the welcoming remarks to the representatives of Russia’s largest advertisers and leading ad agencies. She described the company’s recent changes, its new strategy, focus on the technology side of the business, and its significantly expanded range of marketing solutions for clients.

Strategic Development Director Tatiana Abramova spoke about IM’s main strategic areas of focus for the next three years: the production of high-quality editorial content suitable for all modern media platforms and the creation of a unified system for storing and managing the data of those who use, buy, and read the company’s products. Ms. Abramova also underscored the publishing house’s expanded range of activities: in 2018, the IM team launched a cash back service, a marketplace for online stores, a variety of services, and other projects that until recently were not among traditional media companies’ main products.

The remainder of the event was devoted to the most pressing issues of the digital market. For example, IAB President Boris Omelnitsky told guests about the new international standards for digital companies, of the importance of clean traffic in the modern Internet, and about new tools for fraud protection.

The presentation by IM Digital Advertising Sales Department Director Olga Stepanova was an important part of the event. She told guests about new placement formats, tools for improving the placement quality of clients’ advertising campaigns, and about the approach to programmatic campaigns on IM websites.

The owners and directors of technology companies that began partnering with IM in 2017 served as speakers on a discussion panel devoted to new forms of interaction between media and their audiences. Bonus Club company founder Vladimir Gorbunov revealed the details of the cash back service program that launched in partnership with Anetika company Executive Director Ksenia Shirokova, that develops the Sarafan brand, spoke about the recommendation system and the pattern recognition program for online purchases created for IM sites. VKontakte head of the media group (Mail Group) Ekaterina Yakusheva spoke about strategic partnership with IM. Tatiana Abramova served as panel moderator.

The business breakfast ended with a presentation of the most interesting marketing cases implemented on IM sites this year.

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