Independent Media Business Breakfast: Feedback from Participants

The Independent Media (IM) publishing house held a business breakfast for its partners on March 22. Guests of the event learned about the launch of new IM digital products, as well as new strategies and offers for clients. Representatives of the largest advertisers and leading advertising agencies attended. The list of speakers included both IM specialists and guest experts from the digital market.

A short video of the event is available for viewing here.

Participants of the Digital Breakfast offered their feedback:

Alexander Maizelis, ADV:
“It’s impressive that IM does not limit itself to producing content and is becoming a platform and developing services. This is a positive trend!”

Tatiana Vershinina, L’Oreal Garnier:
“They presented numerous placement platforms with different target audiences – women and men of different ages and incomes. IM offers excellent choices to brands and everyone will find what they are looking for. And thank you for making quality content.”

Irina Berezovskaya, Publicis:
“We spoke over breakfast about the media of the future, the Internet of the future…I would like it to be more civilized! I think that competition will prompt users to improve content quality.”

Natalia Vesnina, IM Commercial Director:
“This is a landmark event for us. Many are saying now that the Internet is the future, and today we presented products that are the media of the future. This past year was revolutionary for us. We invested a great deal of effort in our sites, our resources, and communications with our audience, and as a result, the audience grew by 45%! It was important for us to convey to our business partners that we did this – and that we did it extremely well!”

Tatiana Abramova, IM Strategic Development Director:
“All of the projects showcased today were created during the last six months. Of course, I am proud of our team. Everyone worked in close cooperation, with great creativity, and even with a touch of fanaticism!”

Maria Kuleshova, Moscow Jewelry Factory:

“I really liked the Cosmo Shop story. The future lies in neural networks, in the ability to choose something from the podium without leaving home. Buying online is much faster and less expensive!”

Olesya Kupnevskaya, Mediacom:
“Independent Media means quality content, quality advertising, and a quality audience. This is important for those who want to present their product properly. The presentation was very accessible, even for people who are not thoroughly versed on Internet advertising.”

Boris Omelnitsky, IAB Russia president:
“In the future, the media will balance between the interests of the audience and its own informative function. What will future media be like? It will be whatever is interesting to the audience while also meeting this requirement.”

Vladimir Gorbunov, Bonus Club:
“Today, our colleagues presented a service that makes it possible to create fashionable looks online – this neural network has a great future. The Cosmo Shop project for integrating loyalty that we are developing with IM is a very promising area. But most importantly, the Russian edition of Cosmo was the first to offer such a service to its audience! The global Cosmo has yet to provide such a service.”

Dobrynya Gutiev, Sizmek:
“I liked that the publishing house is moving toward greater openness. The e-commerce part was the strongest and very impressive. You have an excellent understanding of your users and employ it to build very user-friendly services!”

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