Shopping with Artificial Intelligence on

The Cosmopolitan magazine site continues to satisfy its readers – shopping lovers. The site has teamed with the Russian tech startup Sarafan and global IT leader Microsoft to launch a revolutionary project – an online shopping service that uses artificial intelligence.

Now, under the photos of stars, a button appears labeled “Buy that look.” It is a special widget by Sarafan AI that recognizes the clothing, shoes, jewelry, and accessories in the image and displays similar items available in online stores. Readers can immediately go to the stores’ sites and make their purchases.

Sarafan AI is a self-learning neural network based on the Microsoft cloud platform. It uses computer visioning to recognize wardrobe items in photographs published on and locates similar items in online stores. Only 1 millisecond is required to search a database containing 15 million images. Like any neural network, Sarafan continuously learns and perfects itself: the quality of its image recognition is constantly improving and the results become increasingly accurate.

Marina Filatova, Independent Media Director of Strategic Development for Digital Products:
“We know a great deal about our audience and try to anticipate its wishes. Our readers are always aware of the latest fashion trends and spend a lot of time and money on trying to look stylish and stand out from the crowd. They often draw their inspiration from the images of celebrities and public personalities. Now, thanks to Sarafan technology, our users can acquire the look they want directly from the pages of”

Andrei Korkhov, Sarafan CEO:

“The widget does not come across as advertising when integrated into media. Focus groups showed that the service is perceived as native content – as part of itself. What’s more, the project enables fashion brands to take advantage of Influencer Marketing without directly attracting celebrities and fashion bloggers to the promotion of goods.”

Marina Urazaeva, Startup Programs Development Manager for Microsoft Russia:

“Sarafan is an excellent example of how talented developers use modern technologies to create successful projects that are in demand. The company is transforming the Fashion Tech field by offering users, media platforms, and advertisers absolutely new and unprecedented opportunities.”
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